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Personal Finance Essentials

Balanced Budget, Balanced Life:10 Steps to Transforming Your Finances

Want to stress less about money?  People don’t plan on having money troubles, which is exactly the problem: they don’t plan! In the book, Balanced Budget, Balanced Life, Rollie Dimos shows you how to create a personalized financial plan, so you won’t need to scramble to get to the next paycheck.  Instead, you’ll achieve the balance between saving enough to live on and spending to enjoy a life worth living.

*To complete this course, you will need a copy of the book, Balanced Budget, Balanced Life.  

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Step 1 - Live Within Your Means
Step 2 - Use Credit Wisely
Step 3 - Reduce Debt
Step 4 - Set Financial Goals
Step 5 - Track Your Spending
Step 6 - Create A Spending Plan
Step 7 - Stick To The Plan For Long-Term Success
Step 8 - Save For Future Needs
Step 9 - Invest In Yourself
Step 10 - Bless Others
Final Exam
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